Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer is for BLUEBERRIES!

Out of all my farm ventures during the growing seasons, I would have to say picking blueberries is my most challenging. They are rather petite little fellows…and you can only pick so many at a time. Even after a few hours in the hot sun, you probably only have a gallon or two in your bucket and a nice sunburn!

The majority of the blueberries I picked in Louisiana this year were pretty small, mostly due to not receiving enough rain down here in the hot, steamy South.

But, the blueberries that I picked in Mississippi near our farm were ENORMOUS! As you can see from the picture above they were something to talk about! It seemed like every branch we touched you could hear one of us shouting out with joy! “Look at these blueberries, this is amazing!” We were literally dancing all around the bushes with excitement!

This particular farm is literally just around the bend from us and they have had these blueberry bushes for over 22 years!

Tyson’s grandmother is such a trooper! She came out picking with us every time! She is a lot like me, and just loves to be out on the farm- no matter what the conditions may be. I will confess that she is the fastest picker out of our group!

While preparing the blues for my jam I tied a couple to see how we were looking on the flavor front. I ate a blueberry and it tasted like a blue Icee pop! I had some disbelief at first, and tried a few more…then a few more. Could it be that these plump, perfectly ripe blueberries captured the flavor of a blue Icee pop?

Sounds trivial, but when have you ever realized that something as small as a blueberry could jam pack so much flavor that it brought back one of your most cherished childhood memories?

My philosophy never fails me: “It really is the small things in life that make the biggest difference- especially with food!”

I couldn't resist the temptation to share! In fact, the day this happened I was running around town telling everyone!! Practically screaming it, "Hey! I just ate a blueberry and it tasted like a blue Icee pop!"

If only that flavor profile hadn’t changed during the cooking process…that would have been some amazing jam for sure.

But, if I do say so myself…the jam that did come from those blues is in fact pretty tasty…order yours today!

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